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I don’t even know what a Hippogriff is, let alone a Hogwart.  All I know is I don’t want to wake up with either on my skin.

I do know that Harry Potter is HUGE with my daughter.  Convincing her that a 2-day Travel assignment for The New York Times (article here) to a sneak peek the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter amusement park at Universal Orlando was work – tough.  I spent two mornings with a select group of fans who got a sneak peek of the park, which is truly a Potter heaven.  I was escorted in through the back lots by the extremely helpful PR folks (not even sarcastic – they were great), which demystifies the place a bit, but I even shared in the initial jaw-drop.  That was until I was nearly bulldozed by a crush of fans sprinting to get to the Hogwarts castle.  Fun times.

I have never read the books, and my knowledge of the movies is spotty at best, but I do know that if there was a Mos Eisley replica at some Star Wars amusement park where I could get a customized lightsaber, I would be pretty stoked.

As it stands, I looked like a hero coming home with an authentic Hermione Granger wand for my daughter.  All it cost me $29.95.  I won’t even mention that I let a $9.95 chocolate frog melt in my car.

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