the mini gridiron


If only NFL could give us this kind of access.

It’s not so much I need to photograph NFL stars to make photos I like, it would just be great to cover a NFL game without a 400mm and be able to shoot action with my wide 95% of the time.  And in money sunset light.  And in a muddy field a block from my house.  And without stands, bleachers, TV crews, random people strolling the sidelines, advertising banners, sound guys, parking passes, camera cords, white lines, yellow lines, red vests, kneepads, press credentials, monopods, cheerleaders, deadlines, fans, netting, fear of death from being run over, etc…

The one thing the NFL has on these kids?  Names on jerseys and copies of rosters.  That’s about it.  And free sodas and cookies.

The Sarasota Redskins are celebrating their 50th anniversary in the area and the years upon years of turning these Osh Kosh kids into those same NFL studs.  Pretty impressive.

The one thing I always forget and try to plug to students out there is that if you’re trying to get the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, WAC, SEC, or whatever three initial entity to issue you a credential so you can build your sports portfolio, you are barking up the wrong proverbial tree.  Hit up your local high schools and little leagues to make some frames.  It’s more fun, you have better access, and can pretty much do what you want without 50 other shooters right next to you with the same 400mm and Mark IV are getting.

You’ll be much more prepared when coach call yours number to put you on the sidelines of a big game…and much more annoyed with having to stay behind that same line.

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  1. You outdid yourself again. The eye of the little boy. The face of the guy with the whistle. The profiles agains the sky. The colour and light. I wish I could just shoot one like these one day…..

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