murder in celebration

Gawrsh, something happened in Mickey’s town.

A m-u-r-d-e-r.

It was the first one in 14 years since the master-planned community was developed by Disney.  People always equate suburbia and cookie cutter homes to “Pleasantville” and the like, but Celebration is about as close as you are going to get to the epitome of landscaped perfection.  Everything is immaculate, people are overly-friendly, and nothing ever happens…can’t believe I’m writing like a morning news show…

…until the other day when a man was murdered one block away from the downtown and kids skating on a psuedo ice rink and with sudsy fake snow trickling down from manufactured heaven.

I was sent up by The New York Times to make some images, and I hate to say that a murder gave me a good excuse to shoot in Celebration, but it did.

Everything was nearly reset, just like the animatronics in It’s a Small World (after all) – minus a crime tip poster safely hidden behind a dog poop clean-up station.

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