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It’s the curse of living in a town that feeds off tourism.

As a photographer, I want nothing more than to just go…to leave and just go make pictures in a new place.  I live in a town that people go do that very thing, so when a client needs a travel piece done anywhere near here it’s not really travel per se.  It’s just a 5 minute drive instead of a whirlwind 15 hour plane ride to an exotic locale.

I’m embracing this.  Finding my niche.  When I went freelance, there was a big desire to throw a bunch of stuff out there and see what fits.  Was it news?  Sports?  Weddings?  Commercial?  What?  The common denominator was color.  The bait seems to be the weird, colorful photos that scream “Florida.”  Apparently, travel stuck and I’m loving it.  It gives me a chance to be out there in my community, re-seeing what I see everyday.  The call: “Hey we need a bunch of eye candy from this place you’ve been to a million times.”  I’m all for it.  I don’t need to travel to far away lands to make pictures I like.

It’d be nice…but you know what?  Living in paradise has its rewards.

These were all shot for a spread in SARASOTA Magazine for a story on Cortez Fishing Village, one of the few Gulf Coast fishing communities left in Florida.

For more images, hit up the Photoshelter site:  here.

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