best of 2010

This year was a year of transitions for me.


  • From staff  to freelance.
  • From shooting what they want to what I want.
  • From not owning my photos to realize the value of holding copyright.
  • From big fish in little pond to small fish in big pond.
  • From saying yes to saying no.
  • From ? to inc.
  • From understanding that I have a lot to learn and going out and learning it.
  • From buying to investing.
  • From shooting on-the-side to realizing the side is where I want to shoot.
  • From “I shoot weddings from time-to-time (shhhh)” to “Hey, I shoot weddings!”
  • From expecting the phone to ring to picking up the phone.
  • From spindles to Drobo.
  • From zoom to prime.
  • From thinking I knew who I was to knowing who I am.  Kind of.
  • From a cubicle to my couch and getting more done.
  • From being hired to hiring.
  • From going down with the ship to leaping off and wondering if it was a good idea.
  • From thinking what I feel and not saying it to probably saying too much.
  • From fearing change to embracing it.

Here’s to 2011.  Bring it.

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  2. chip – your photography style is refreshing and the personal experiences you share are inspiring – thanks for always pushing the community around you to do better as you move yourself forward. merry christmas and happy 2011.

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