houston deconstructed

Landmarks and maps are for the devil.

When I travel I’m usually shooting pre-determined locations that reveal the best side of a certain location for some magazine or newspaper.

I was in Houston, Texas, to shoot a wedding this weekend for a quick 36 hours.  On Saturday, I took advantage of being a father and not being able to sleep in for the life of me.  I woke up early, grabbed a 5D Mark II, a 50mm f/1.4 and just wandered with no direction.  No ambition. No list of things to shoot.

Just a new lens I’ve fallen back in love with.  I don’t think I’ve owned a 50mm since college, but now it’s always on one of my 2 or 3 bodies.  It’s the lens I carry around most when I’m not shooting, but shooting.

You’ll notice there’s a little bit of my Accidental Rothko series mixed with tourist and a splash art school dropout.  I pretty much know these have no home besides this blog (the tourism board of Houston will never license them), but for me I’m drawn to urban decay.  I’m drawn to line, shape, and shadow.  I’m a color junkie in need of a fix.  It’s just me wandering making frames in a city I’ve never been to – hoping I come across a random splash of paint against a wall.  “How esoteric,” one of my favorite shooters and now friend ripped me apart once years ago on aphotoaday.org.  It sticks on my head until this day.  I hope he reads this.

My sincerest apologies to Houston, TX, for the random, unflattering photos.  My first introduction to Houston was when my town car driver decides to talk to me for the first time in 30 minutes and says, “Oh, here’s the jail.”

The wedding photos are beautiful, I promise (post coming Tuesday on my other blog).

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  1. Wonderful stuff per usual Chip! Sorry we didn’t get to connect while you were here… but hopefully next time I’m in your town or you are in mine! BTW I LOVE my 50 1.4 it rocks.



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  4. I really like this collection. It is in line with what I do in Stuttgart, Germany: Find eye-catching patterns, colors, “tunnel visions”, etc. and let them speak for themselves, or, in this case, for the city (and for the photographer!).
    Good job!

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