zut alors!

“Zut Alors!”

I always cursed my decision to take French in high school, but the one time I could have used it, the only thing that kept creeping into my brain was that little phrase from class I always thought was hilarious.  It has no real place or relevance to these pictures, just thought it was funny that it popped into my head in thinking of a title for this post.

Anyhoo, that tangent aside, I spent the weekend in Saint Martin/St. Maarten (depending on which side of the island you are on) for an amazing wedding shoot.  Dear God, that place is gorgeous.  This is coming from a guy who lives on the beaches of Florida.

I didn’t have much downtime beyond the wedding which was absolutely stunning (see photos here) and beautiful, but when I did, I spent it just trying to pluck as much of the color I could.  A few are from Grand Case which has some wonderful restaurants and shopping.  The others are from the You Tube sensation of Maho Beach where plane buzz sunbathers all day long.  A table at Sunset Bar & Grill and a few hours to kill over rum is about all you need to check the scene out – it is really worth the experience.

In retrospect, a few more days in paradise would have been wonderful.

Not a Hipstamatic in sight.


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  2. I’m with Daniel, that’s my favorite frame too. The woman with her arms spread in the bottom left of the frame makes it that much better. Nice pics, Chip. Hey, by the way, I’m available to work as an assistant (or bagge handler) on any more shoots like that you have! haha

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