maybe she’s born with it

There’s a period of time I like to call Photo Purgatory.

It’s the time between when an editor calls and you for an assignment and when you actually get to said assignment. That moment where you find out what it is versus how it was described in the few sentences is essentially Heaven/Hell.  This one surprised me.  Essentially, I was told that this New York Times shoot was to go to a permanent makeup class at 1pm in Oldsmar, FL.  Easy enough.  Plenty of wiggle room in Photo Purgatory.

What then happens in my brain is an instant picture of what will it look like.  Will it be a classroom with 20 blue-hairs watching a TV?  A guy in a suit with a laser pointer and PowerPoint presentation?  Will there be actual makeup?  Do I need to light it (actually I rarely ever think that)?  Where the hell is Oldsmar?  Etc., etc. etc.

Well, turns out, the classroom was a tattoo shop.  A+.  The tattoo artist is the teacher.  A+.  The ladies?  All over the board age wise, but all spunky as well and completely comfortable behind the camera.  A+.  Tattooing pig’s ears? A+  The lesson?  An actual tattooing session of permanent eye shadow.  A+.


Sometimes it’s nice to keep expectations low, so when a shoot actually pans out into something sweet, it makes it extra fun to shoot.

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