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No other words can describe the imagery and devastation coming out of Japan right now following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami Friday.  Whenever anyone asked where I always wanted to go in the world if I had my choice, the answer has always been Japan.  I never got the chance to see it  – I hope the Japanese people recover from this sooner than later, but I can’t even imaging the amount of lives lost and destruction in the matter of a few hours.  I think all of us in journalism are having the same feeling we got after Katrina, Haiti, and the Indian tsunami.  Helplessness with a mix of awe.

That being said – I’ve gathered some links from the photo blogs running the largest and best edited photos.  Feel free to send me links or add them in the comments.

Day of:

Boston Globe | The Big Picture

The Atlantic | In Focus

Denver Post | Plog

The St. Petersburg Times | All Eyes

The Aftermath:

Boston Globe | The Big Picture

The Atlantic | In Focus

The Los Angeles Times | Framework

The New York Times | Photo

The New York Times | Satellite Imagery Before/After

MSNBC | Photo Blog

TIME | Photos

National Geographic | Photos

The Wall Street Journal | Photos

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