you had me at swamp


There are a few reoccurring themes in my work down here in Florida, but none that seem to stalk me more than rednecks and mud.

I got a call from ESPN the Magazine to go cover the Swamp Buggy Races down in Naples, FL, a couple weekends ago and once I see the caller i.d., my mind start racing as to what killer gig it will be this time (because, honestly, when they call it usually is).  This one was practically gift-wrapped by photo Santa himself.  Rednecks, dirty water (not mud, but gross enough to be classified as such), and a swamp buggy queen.

Usually I’m sent to do something for the magazine and I know only one or two frames will make it to print and I spend my time trying to really nail that one.  The bow on top for this was this was for their iPad edition only – which would allow for 12 photos and a lot more freedom to do what I do.  Their edit is currently on the iPad app (free!).  It excites me to see publication embrace the iPad and dedicate content to the apps they have.  Other publications should take note.  Exclusive, original content that isn’t an exact replica of their printed product is the way to make these new publishing platforms sing and add value to the overall product.

Needless to say, had a fun time creeping in on the weird sports turf a la Sol Neelman for the day and was surprised with a cameo by Naples stud Greg Kahn.

Alas, it all comes back to red.

To see more, check out the Photoshelter site:  here.

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  1. Man how you make me miss living down SOUTH! One look at these photos brought out the redneck in me…..not that that’s hard to do….thanks for making me smile this morning. Keep up the great work Chip!!

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