$20 monogrammed toilet paper

I can’t even think of what I could eat that would warrant a $20 monogrammed single roll of toilet paper, but nonetheless it exists.

I thought Naples was the richest city in Florida.  Then I went to Worth Ave. in Palm Beach.

I parked my beat down VW in an alley because it just looked sad amongst the Lambos, Jags, and Hummers.  I was sent to Naples and Palm Beach in one weekend to hit high end shopping districts for a fun, little open-ended Bay Magazine story.  I spent most of my time wandering, jaw dragging along the sidewalk over price tags in windows.  A wallet for $2K.  A lamp for $15K.  A ring for $125K.

Meanwhile, I’m staying in a hopefully disease-free hotel for $79.99.  Oh well, playing rich tourist was fun for a couple days and Bay always treats my rectangles well.

Oh, and I shot some verticals.  I didn’t even know my camera went that way.

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  1. Arrgh…you were here!?! Man, had I known I would have bought you a beer. Or mugged you (I hear you can sell those easy at the pawn shop….a couple easy benjis!). Great pics, btw.

  2. These are awesome. I’m a 24-year-old college student and emerging freelancer, and you’ve been a huge inspiration for me. I was actually one of the students in Jerome’s photojournalism course at North Idaho College you spoke to over webcam.

    I love the Tiffany shot. I feel like it really sums up the extravagance of the area you were at. Really great work Chip!

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  4. Love it. I’ve been living in Naples since July and you just showed me a different way of seeing what I’ve been seeing every day for the past 9 months. Awesome.

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