room with a view (room 3031)


It’s the same for every one of us.  You finally check into a random hotel, cart all your belongings up an elevator, down a hallway, and end up at a numbered door.  The door entry card never works the first time, but then you get it to open, push open the heaviest door you’ve ever encountered, and walk into a dark room grasping for the first light switch so you can dump the 200 lbs of luggage onto one of two beds you won’t have to make for the next three days.

Before you can even take in the room, every one of us make a direct path to the window to push open the high school curtain-like, triple-layered drapes to a view we’ve never seen before of a town we barely know.  The view is never just ok.  It simply rocks or it sucks…this one rocked.

I don’t think I would ever be good in a high-rise in New York City apartment.  I would be the guy with a 600mm staring into everyone’s windows making pictures.

That isn’t in a creepy way (is there any other?), but people are just too interesting to me…especially from 30 floors up.

Alas, these are from room 3031 in downtown Miami.

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