Well, it was go to the beach and be the only dude wearing jeans in nearly 100 degree weather day.

Life as a Florida photojournalist could be rougher, I guess, but for a simple story about new F.D.A. regulations for the marketing of sunscreen (running in tomorrow’s New York Times) you would think finding someone doing just that would be easier.  It was either run around with a telephoto and look like a creep or get up close and run out of time explaining yourself before they were done putting it on.  I decided to abandon that awkwardness altogether and just make pictures of people baking themselves on Siesta Public Beach and if sunscreen came into the mix, then sweet.

On deadline without much time, I came away a few which pretty much say what they needed to say.  That’s a victory in my book, and met some cool cats along the way.  If you guys read this, thanks for letting me block your sun for a bit.

For more photos visit my Photoshelter site.  Here.

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  1. Are you kidding? I’d kill to get images like these. Heck I’d hired by National Geographic or Sports Illustrated if I could produce images like these. As it was I had a great run as photojournalist back in the days before colour reproduction 🙂 Want to be an amateur but people keep hiring me 🙁

  2. Not bad for a deadline shoot.

    I’ve always hated working on a tight deadline from scratch, but, it also pushed me to be more creative and find unique angle.

    Thanks Chip.

  3. Fun stuff. I may not have cared about the issue until I had three moles removed, so the thought of going out with any SPF lower that 5,000 is kinda scary. Good to hear you were probably nearing heat stroke in jeans. Just kidding.

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