I’m convinced most of my most exciting ideas come from Starbucks-stained napkins…most of which get crumpled up into a pocket and forgotten about.  This one stuck for some reason…and now this little napkin is reality.

FOCUSED came out of an idea to rejuvenate some film I had.  I had no idea how that would happen, but all I knew is I wanted it to be a shared effort amongst my favorite photographers. On a three hour trip to Miami to catch a flight to the Bahamas for a shoot, I revealed my idea to my friend and fellow photographer, Brian Blanco, who helped me brainstorm this project down to one simple thought:  one camera.  one click.  one moment.

FOCUSED is rekindling the Decisive Moment one frame at a time.  There will be 200 photojournalists to start – from students to Pulitzer Prize winners – and the list of confirmed names is insane – here.  A photojournalist on the list will be mailed a film camera and a roll of film – with the challenge of getting only one click of the shutter to capture whatever they want and then mail the camera onto the next photojournalist.  Pretty simple concept.  Terrifying to some.  A welcome break to others.

For the last couple months, I’ve built FOCUSED with the help of my friends (notably Melissa Lyttle, Kristin Lenz, Peter Lockley, Kevin Moloney, Matt Slaby, and Tomas van Houtryve) who have put up with my long winded emails and random phone calls as to the best way to make this happen.  My wife, Elaine, has put up with the rest.

Now FOCUSED is live – and it needs your help.

FOCUSED has launched a crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo.  We’re seeking money from donors to cover the cost of shipping, equipment, and future print and gallery showings for one purpose – to obviously make FOCUSED happen, but there is something bigger here.  Your help will be keep the foundation of our craft going.  FOCUSED has partnered with several youth photography programs worldwide – Critical Exposure (Washington DC), Fundacion Ph15 (Argentina), and Through the Eyes of Hope (Rwanda) – with more to come in the near future.  While the ultimate goal is to raise money  through print sales, gallery showings, and hopefully a book, we’re also getting the children involved by letting them take a frame for the project to just get them excited about picking up a camera (a film camera at that).  Pretty amazing.

With that, I give you FOCUSED – + Twitter + Facebook.

To donate (tax-deductible):

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