that’s how you debate

Suit.  Check.

Tie.   Check.

Podium.  Check.

Stage full of red, white, and blue accents.  Check.

Talking points.  Check.

American flag pin.  Check.

Finger pointing.  Check.

Riser.  Check.

Twenty other photographers getting the same shot.  Check.

I really do love covering politics…there’s that inherent challenge in making something unique that goes beyond what is literally handed to you.  You are given a single seat.  You sit.  You point.  You click.  Not only are you put in one spot, you’re almost required to sit there and shoot the candidate talking in case one decides to slap the other.

It will never happen, but it does, you better have it in all its glory.

Luckily, The New York Times gives me the freedom to wander and make some different imagery at things like the recent Tea Party / CNN Republican Presidential Debate, but most of it is shot from that one assigned seat.  As snarky as this post is, I wouldn’t switch seats with anyone.

The rest can be found…here.

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