it’s the aperture, stupid

I am definitely coming up with some pieces of flair for photojournalists on the election trail.  It can be a lonely place out there covering politics, running from spray to rope to riser, sending from the floor of some conference room, being surrounded by thousands, but only knowing the 10 other photographers in the pool.  All of that, and we have to remain neutral the whole time – without a single piece of flair to adorn our credential laden torso.

Over the last couple days of covering the Fox News / Google Debate and CPAC Florida, I’ve come up with the Top 12 Neutral Campaign Slogans for Photojournalists Covering the 2012 Presidential Election.  Buttons, shirts, bumper stickers will be never available, but someone else feel free to make them.

Just give me a cut.

  1. “I’m Pretending to Listen to Your Rant, but It’s Only Because I Can’t Stand to Hear the Rocky Theme One More Time.”
  2. “Yes, I Took Your Photo.  No, I Probably Won’t Email It To You.”
  3. “I’m Neither For Nor Against Whatever.”
  4. “It’s the Aperture, Stupid.”
  5. “Yes, That Liberal Rag.”
  6. “He’s Going to be Late?  That’s Ok.  I’m Way Too Early Anyway.  By Early, I Mean On-Time.”
  7. “NoPodiums!”
  8. “No I Won’t Throw Out That Flyer/Press Release For You.”
  9. “I Like Rimlight.”
  10. “Yes We Can – Make Hand Gestures.”
  11. “Wow, Your iPhone Takes Really Good Photos Above Your Head Right in Front of Me.”
  12. “Winter/Webb 2012.”

I did take some photos as well, and they are below…and available on Photoshelter…here.


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