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Just stay on the sand.

I love these kinds of assignments…and these type of clients.  Bay Magazine is visually helmed by Bruce and Suzette Moyer up at the St. Petersburg Times, and they do an amazing job with their photo play in the high-end travel/lifestyle magazine every month.

My gig was about perfect – just drive the coastline of Florida from Ft. DeSoto Park in St. Petersburg to Clearwater Beach, stop, head to the beach and make some photos (Check out the Photoshelter gallery with 148 images) showing the best the beaches have to offer.  Color.  Light.  People.

It took about six different shoots, a few rain delays, and some farmers tan to make it happen.

Bruce and Suzette took the images and came up with a insanely clean and slick design over 8 pages which definitely made me smile when I opened.

They just get it:


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  1. I love what you do with color, Chip! Bold, vibrant, alive. That last silhouette shot of the kid along the shoreline is absolute magic. You’re an inspiration to me…keep up the awesome work!

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