legoland florida (aka primary color heaven)


Red, Yellow, Blue, Green…any possible color you can think of.  Everywhere.  Literally.

I can’t think of really a better place to feed my addiction to color than LEGOLAND Florida, and luckily I get to call them a regular client.  The gig, which I haven’t really talked much about out here in Socialmedialand, fell in my lap from a great recommendation from another photographer in LA who called me to cover their initial press conference (last photo).  The historic, but defunct, Cypress Gardens park was bought and for the last year-and-a-half I’ve been documenting the construction and restoration several times a month for LEGOLAND Florida and their parent company.

It’s been quite the switch from being on the other side of this coin for so long as a newspaper photographer – often being sent to cover press conferences and events and trying to avoid anything pr-like.  I switched teams for this gig often covering the media covering the park for the wonderful marketing team I work with in Winter Haven.  It’s been truly eye-opening as to what former newspaper photographers can do when they find themselves in the freelance world with a question of “Ok, now what?”  Well, pr, marketing, and advertising isn’t a dirty word anymore for me.  It’s another way of thinking, another way of seeing, and a whole new set of rules.  With that, though, there is a lot of freedom and a lot of fun.

My main objective is to make compelling imagery that tells the story…sound familiar?  I’m just telling it from a different point-of-view, ironically ending up on the same pages where my photojournalism used to appear.

Newspaper photographers finding themselves at a crossroads in their career, deciding to whether to jump ship – before being pushed off – can take this with them as a life preserver.  Your skills are needed out there.  It just may not be for the pages of newspapers anymore.

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