black and white friday


I need an intervention.  I went to land of red – Super Target – and converted everything to black-and-white.  I must be in a post-turkey, up all night haze.

For as much of a color junkie I am, you would think that an assignment to shoot the 12 a.m. Black Friday shopping at Super Target would be like heaven.  In fact, there may be such a thing as too much color.  I said it.  First step is admitting I have a problem.

I don’t think I ever covered Black Friday as a staffer, at least that I can remember.  I always managed to dodge it – but I went in with the idea of making all sorts of crazy graphic images oversaturated with color, but when I arrived and started navigating the craziness, it turned into a hunt for faces.  It’s a departure for me, as I normally seek extremely anal (retentive) backgrounds and color first and let everything else fall where they may, but to be honest, that workflow practically was practically a dream once those doors opened at midnight.

All that being said, covering Black Friday is a claustrophobic soup of chaos and clutter.  Black-and-white seemed like the only way to contain it.

For more BLACK FRIDAY PHOTOS – in color – please visit my Photoshelter Archive.

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  1. *Great* shots Chip. The action shots and expressions you’ve captured are amazing and precisely why I elected to stay home and spend time with family/friends today rather than engage in that insanity.

    P.S. The B&W totally works. Run with it more often, yeah?

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