the creamsicle strikes back

Return of the creamsicle…love it.

For a team that wears red all season long, I seem to get hired by the Bucs when they throwback or go pink, but I’ll take it.  I always love shooting for public relations in these situations, because I’m generally given the (paraphrasing) “Here’s the images we need, but otherwise have fun” job.  I’ve covered dozens of games at this stadium over the years, but always try to find a few new things to shoot.  It’s the thrill of the hunt – even if it means shooting sunflower seeds in front of me smashed into the grass this past Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

If I walk away with the same pictures I’ve made before I feel like a complete failure.

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  1. Chip..I was watching the highlights of the game and saw you behind Ra…actually i saw your sleeves holding a camera behind Ra..and knew it had to be you!..haha

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