I-4 or bust

I-4 is an interesting road.  Connecting Daytona, Orlando and Tampa, it slices the nub of South Florida right off the map, it provides a vast array of landmarks – strange kitschy theme parks, vasectomy billboards, and rest stop oasis after oasis.  It is also fertile ground for voters and an area candidates target every election cycle.

The New York Times sent me with a reporter and videographer to tackle I-4 man-on-the street style to try to find folks opinionated about the state of the GOP and politics in general.  I did that.  Then I also did this.  Whenever I could break away and find some images for me I did, and luckily the NYT embraced the latter and ran it A1 as a grid of four.

I know there aren’t any faces, a lack of folks, but sometimes the details and vignettes of nouns can tug at the sweater string of story mood.

For more photos along I-4 in Florida please visit my Photoshelter archive.

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