lebron, wade, and i

So LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and I were there together hanging out and….well, there really isn’t going to be a time I get to say that again, so I’m going to take advantage now.

I was lucky enough to be part of the huge team that the fine folks at ESPN the Magazine put together for their latest One Day, One Game series. The point is to give fans a glimpse into everything that it takes for one single game to be put on with vignettes from every angle imaginable.  It was one of my most fun shooting days ever, and I don’t think I can really go back to “normal” access after this.  Of course I will, but now will at least have a hard time wondering why I can’t come back into the locker room and photograph a player in the ice bath.

Out of the many talented photographers they had covering this game versus the Chicago Bulls, my assignment was to be in the Miami Heat locker room with another talented shooter, John Loomis, which was a blessing to have a 1) room covered in red 2) insane access and 3) plenty of things happen I’ve never been witness to.  Half the time it was just me and whatever superstar player happened to pop into the room.  Very quiet, intimate, and subtle shooting – which is everything you would expect a NBA game to not be.  The calm before the storm.  I shared some tattoo war stories with a player here, a fist bump with another, but for the most part it was very much myself, some eye contact, and nods of approval before I shot.

Every photographer had a place, an assignment and it was truly a team effort between not only all the photographers, but the editors (thanks Jim!), reporters, assistants, and The Miami Heat staff and NBA that made it happen.  Very cool to see it all come together in one great issue, which is on newsstands tomorrow – so go check it out!  The ESPN the Mag online presentation has all sorts of online content from the other photographers as well.  Definitely worth a look-see.

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  1. Man…….that was ridiculous!!!! Awesome job, great shots, great story! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

  2. This is a fantastic series and very inspiring. I can only dream of an assignment like this. It’s sounds like a unique and very cool experience.

  3. Un-friggin-believable work, Chip. As great an opportunity as the assignment was, just killed it. Congrats!

  4. I wish I’d assisted you, not that other guy I was stuck with for 12 hours. You’re much better than him (he doesn’t follow you right ?)…
    Good stuff Chip 🙂

  5. Oustanding, I always enjoy your posts and photographs, but to get two of my favorites things (nba & Photogrpahy) together is a real treat. I don’t think anyone could capture the inside of the lockeroom like yourself, fantastic job. Inspiring. Keep being you.

  6. Excellent Chip! This is just one of many examples of your awesomeness! The FGCU photography class and I really enjoyed this -sneak peak- segment of your talk a few of weeks ago. Thanks again!

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  9. Wow Chip, I’m a huge basketball fan, and for a fan, this was like looking at the coolest day ever. Really exciting!

  10. To the photographer:

    I just have to say to you that was some of the best photos I seen. You did an excellent job to capture the moments behind the scenes, loved what you did with all of the images. I am the team photographer for the San Francisco 49ers and I love to see what other photographers are doing in other sports.

    Good Job

    T Lloyd

  11. Chip,
    Every couple days I check your blog for an update. None for awhile, this this. F’in sweet! Made the best of the awesome access. I’d love to do one of these. Thanks for sharing.

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  18. I’m always trying to find great photos to inspire my kids and get them excited about mommy’s photography journey. This post was perfect for my ten year old Heat lovin boy. Amazing story telling!

  19. Great story with King James, Wade and yourself. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Those don’t knock at your door everyday. If your door continues to knock someone has discovered you and needs you to do something for them badly. Impressed with the lighting, format, color, everything about these blasted pictures. You’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty. Good luck with future endeavors.

  20. I love how I got to see these before you released them to the public. I feel special. hahaha

    P.s. Thank you for the words of wisdom i’m actually doing well assisting photographers now.

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