the lomo roll

ESPN the Magazine called with a strange request.

Hey (paraphrasing) can you go to Miami and photograph a MLB baseball player making sushi?

Umm, sure?

Turns out that Miami Marlins player, Logan Morrison, was designing his own sushi roll to sell at Mr. Yum in Calle Ocho.  Why?  Well beyond the obvious marketing on both sides, there was a quiet and very touching reason:  $4 of every $18.95 would go to American Lung Association in memory of his father.

Moreover, you know what I like?  Meeting a pro ballplayer who doesn’t a) take himself too seriously and b) is a real, down to earth dude.  The reporter, Stacey, and I spent the evening post-shoot sharing sushi with Logan and his girlfriend, just chatting about things.  Not “on.”  Refreshing.

Very fun.  It ran as a ZOOM in the latest issue (tearsheet above).


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