the right coast

Ahhh…color, beach, bikinis.  I really enjoy Florida.

I was recently commissioned for a five-day marketing shoot running around Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Kennedy Space Center and all the places that encompass the Space Coast to show off the potpourri of touristy things to do in the area.  I knew NASA.  I knew Ron Jon’s.  I knew a few other things from my time coming to the area as a kid every year to visit the grandparents, but gigs like this really are a blast to shoot and open my eyes to all Florida has going for it (weirdness aside).

Essentially, a reflector and a d800 were my workhorses for this shoot which was pretty much run n’ gun kind of approach to tackle as much as possible.  The schedule was packed, but the fine folks at McBride Marketing Group treated this left coaster as a family and made it a ton of fun to shoot.

I almost forget that I’m supposed to go enjoy the beach sometime, I’m working on it so much lately.




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