a buc’s life

I was sent into the stands for yesterday’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers game at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa with only one real mission – stay off the field and document a Bucs fan’s life.

I spent all four quarters wandering the cement staircases and dark runnels of the stadium just documenting fans, which a great break from trudging up and down the sidelines dodging sound guys and referee butt.  The fans were in a great mood luckily since we (I use “we” because I was shooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team) dominated the Panthers, which was great to see after a less than stellar last-season.  For some reason, I feel like this is the beginning of a great year.

I think what I really dig about covering sports is not so much the big play or the perfect image.  It’s more about the scene around the hashmarks, tv cable lines, and gameplay down there on the field.  It’s about the sweaty pits and spilled beers.  It’s about making fun of the person next to you with the losing jersey and expensive seat.  It’s about finding a bucket of popcorn turning it into a hat.  It’s about having a girl who will put up with you as you play dress up in pewter, red, and black – and sometime creamsicle.

Something like that.

Whatever it is I love it – and glad the NFL is back.  Here’s to 16 weeks of grass stains, long glass, and smelliness.


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