sidelines, parking lots, and nosebleeds

Normally when I tell people that I get to shoot for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their first reaction is “Wow, you must have the best seat in the house!”  That is true, however, I spend most of the time under-using my credential to stand right next to those who ask that very question in section 328.

My job helping out the awesome photo team on game day is to capture fans like these from the last two Bucs’ home games against the Chiefs and the Saints.  These are the dots of people up in the nosebleeds that are just a blur of color on TV as the ball is kicked-off.  These are the sweat-soaked, beer-toting, screamers that pay the money to actually come sit and watch Sunday after Sunday as their team scurries up and down the hashmarks hundreds of feet below them.  These are the fans that come to the game earlier than I do and sit in the parking lot being just an NFL fan and, well, sitting there.

I could shoot game action.  I could have the best seat in the house on my knees chasing play after play.  I do however get real joy in hanging with the masses making photos of real folks with the exact same jerseys on – just not getting or making millions.

Just one of the fans.

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