swing state blues (and reds)

21 hours of red, white, and blue.

I spent election day cross-crossing Florida a bit for the wonderful folks at The New Yorker with a really amazing crew of photographers I had no idea I was shooting alongside (Peter van Agtmael, Kenneth Jarecke, Stanley Greene, Jon Lowenstein, Andrea Bruce, Landon Nordeman, etc.) with until I starting seeing galleries coming in on their site.

Florida is a crazy state.  There is no denying that any weird story that happens to pop into my Facebook feed I can usually guess as to where it happened.  We seem to attract the crazy.  I relish and embrace it.

There is something great about being the eyes of my little corner of the map – even though we went from make or breaking the election to not really mattering much.  And messing it up.  Again.

Oh, Florida.




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