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If you like sports, photography, sports photography, photography of sports, and the sport of photographing sports then this is the workshop for you.  Combine that with some of the biggest names in the industry, beer, and mountains of information and connections – as well as actual mountains – then you get the Summit Sports Workshop hosted by the fine folks at Clarkson Creative.  This year they’ve asked yours truly to be a part of it.

I’ll be hosting a workshop on finding unique and vibrant images in behind-the-scenes, documentary scenarios like I do for clients such as ESPN the Magazine, Sports Illustrated, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and more.  The focus will be on what to look for and how to approach seeing in a different light when you’re given access.  I’ll also get into how to make images that will get you those gigs from any scenario whether it be in the locker room of a pro sports team or on the sidelines of a little league game.  Access is only a small part of it. Learning to see and tell stories when you have no control over a scene is where I thrive. We’ll get to head into the field and shoot side-by-side learning hands on from myself and an amazing crew of faculty and photographers.

I went to this workshop over a decade ago when I was just starting in the industry.  It was worth every penny.  I learned lighting and shooting techniques that shaped how I see today, but moreover I got to meet and connect with some inspiring folks in the industry in an informal atmosphere to talk shop and get my work critiqued.  Specifically, I met Brad Smith, who was then sports editor at The New York Times and now the Director of Photography at a little magazine called Sports Illustrated.  He gave me my very first EVER freelance assignment that week for the NYT.  It set me on a course to where I am now.  Full circle from student to teacher.  Now I sound like a bad kung-fu flick.

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