Chip Litherland

address | 15 Paradise Plaza #366, Sarasota, FL  34239

cell | 941.321.7167

email |

3 thoughts

  1. Hi, I admire your work and would love for you to off some honest critique of some of mine… My recent work is on facebook at

    I am working on developing my personal style so people can recognize my work, but it seems like so much has already been overdone…

    Thanks and I hope to meet sometime… I will actually be in Sarasota tomorrow (Tues, 9/11) for a shoot with a IFBB Figure pro, Laurie Schnelle…

    Thanks again,
    Raymund Kubassek
    RK Fitness & Lifestyle Photography

  2. I was just wondering if you had any of the other photos from the bucs game available? You have a photo of my friends and I playing beer pong .. and was wondering if you still had any of the others?


  3. Hi Chip,
    I wanted to thank you for taking this picture of me! My boss found it and I couldn’t help but to reach out and tell you what a great shot it was! Also, saw your instagram piece. Awesome! I was wondering if there is anyway I can get a nice printed out version to frame? Thanks again!


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